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Operations Director - The resource for operations professionals

Operations Director turns complex business language into understandable plain text so that everyone can understand the successful theories surrounding the commercial world. The best part is that this content is free to use as your daily reference point!

The key to any business success relies on the ability of the organisation to remain ahead of its competitors. The unsung heroes of many businesses are those divisions run by an Operations Director or Manager; covering functions such as Customer Services, Demand Planning, Commercial Administration, Warehousing and Transport.

There are key qualities and responsibilities in respect of becoming an Operations Director or Manager, such as:-

- An Operations Director must have good organisational skills and the ability to prioritise their workload to ensure maximum benefit for the customers and the company.

- An Operations Director should be prepared to organise the operations team and mobilise them to achieve a common company strategy.

- An Operations Director should have the ability to adapt both themselves and influence the attitudes of their teams in order to cope with change management.

Any Operations Director or Manager across the world will probably say they have one of the most exciting roles in a business organisation. If experience is anything to go by then every day is different. This web site is totally dedicated to “Operations Management”, the role of the Operations Director and areas where significant business improvements can be made. Indeed one of the key functions is to drive continuous change and to bring benefits to the business.

The main objectives of an Operations Director are to support functions that can deliver products and services to customers in an efficient and cost effective manner.

“Operations Management” is crucial to deliver improved cycle times of processes, increase reliability and cost reduction (or increased productivity with the same resources). As with all commercially operated businesses, the aim is to grow the profit line and return the maximum amount of benefit back to the organisations investors. My opinion is that you must also enjoy what you are doing!!

The Operations Director Knowledge Library has been created from various articles written by myself. They are intended to give an overview of various subjects that are deemed to be of interest to an “operations” professional. They are there to refer to at any time, just as a refresher!

Please feel free to copy any of the articles I have written, all I ask is that you include the “author details” on any documents you print or post into any web site or publication. Please email me at if you feel I can make any improvements to this web site or to comment on the content.

Thanks for your visit. Don’t forget to mark this site as one of your “favourites” and to tell your friends!

Best Regards

Nigel P Penhearow

Business theory made easy with the Operations Director Knowledge Library

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